When asked by your daughter to be the Mother of the Bride, you are well aware of what a massive honor this is.

Your daughter is asking you to play a major part in her big wedding day, and to publically and privately support her as she starts her exciting new life with her husband-to-be.

But apart from the massive feeling of pride & honor, there comes with it a heavy burden of responsibility - a Wedding Speech... Mother of the Bride Wedding Speech at that!

As the Mother of the Bride, you’ll be required to play a important role in your dauther's wedding, the wedding reception, and to commit quite some time and emotion in supporting your daughter totally throughout the (undoubtedly-stressful) weeks and months ahead of the big day. It is an occasion when you need to be extra supportive of your little girl, and do your level best to ensure that she finds the changeover to her new life and home an easy one.

In addition to playing the role of the #1 emotional cheerleader, you wi’ll also be expected to take an active role in the more hands-on parts of the wedding planning: like assisting in choosing the perfect wedding dress and bridesmaids’ outfits, locating and deciding on the ideal wedding venue, mediating with the new in-laws, managing the budget, tackling the invitations and guest list, and dealing with wedding and reception particulars (like the seating arrangements, menus, wines, and decoration).


But – in spite of all the hassle and fuss entailed by this extraordinary list of responsibility – it’s not normally any of the preceding undertakings that cause the average Mother of the Bride’s knees to shake. Sure enough, there is much to do, but nearly all mothers are well used to dealing with this kind of pressure (or else they would not be mothers, now would they?)

Absolutely not, but the one thing that gets virtually all Mothers of the Bride trembling in their boots, is the idea of having to make a wedding speech.

Statistics show that speaking in public is the biggest cause of phobias in America. Most people fear making a speech in public (not to mention a mother of the bride wedding speech) more than death itself!

Still for those who are used to speaking in public, a wedding speech is still a completely different thing altogether: the room is very difficult, because they are all different ages, no-one actually has anything in common apart from variable degrees of familiarity with the bride or the groom, and everybody can be at a different level of soberness; the pressure level is massive, as you want to make your daughter happy, impress the newly found in-laws, do yourself some justice, and present a moving, warm, and hopefully-funny wedding speech. This can be very hard to achieve, especially when you have so many other responsibilities that need your attention - there’s typically relatively little or no time left to devote to the wedding speech itself.

Fortunately, somebody out there has come up with the perfect solution for this problem!

I’m referring to Dan Stevens’ wedding speeches book "Mother of the Bride Speeches – Words of Love": a all-encompassing, step-by-step guide that’s wholly dedicated to the wedding speech Mother's of Brides have to do. With this complete package, He has cut out all the clutter in advance: his book doesn’t simply deal with producing a great wedding speech generally, but how to give a extraordinary wedding speech in the precise context of the Mother of the Bride. Meaning all the himts and tips provided are 100% relevant and useable.

Possibly the best selling point of this wedding speeches mother of the bride book is you truly get to decide on your own level of input. If you simply don’t fancy writing a complete wedding speech from scratch, then you don’t need to – Dan has taken away all the guesswork, with 20 complete, masterfully-written speeches composed expressly for the Mother of the Bride. (As one very happy customer says, ‘There are so many different scenarios involved, it’s virtually impossible to find one that doesn’t fit your own circumstances!’)

All of these mother of the bride wedding speeches have been purposely designed in a way which enables you to pick and choose the parts that you like best, and then fuse them together into your very own, personalized, adaptation.

It’s unbelievably simple: You only need to change names and circumstances to fit your own, and there you have it – a perfect wedding speech in no time at all.


This book is crammed packed with tons of information, and all of its detail, relevance, modern style, and presentation is so user-friendly and coherent, which makes it so easy to digest - you could easily have it read in an evening, and after a full night’s sleep, have written your wedding speech by 10am the following morning!

Despite the title, this wedding speech mother of the bride book doesn’t simply deal with the process of making the speech itself: as you go through it, a unquestionable plethora of other useful informational jewels are disclosed.

Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find inside:

  • 20 first-rate, fine-tuned, and highly entertaining wedding speeches as already mentioned
  • Well over 100 quality (and extremely funny) wedding toasts, jokes, quotes and one-liners that you can sprinkle throughout your speech as you see fit
  • Precise, step-by-step directions for writing your own top-class speech, from planning to delivery
  • Precise detailed information on delivering your speech: how to sound like a true pro
  • Tips for appeasing those predictable stage-fright nerves
  • A comprehensive guide on procedure and etiquette for the Mother of the Bride, so you can rise to the occasion with grace and panache

And did I mention that the complete package is immediately downloadable – within a couple of minutes of making your purchase, plus all the bonus books, are on your desktop awaiting examination at your leisure.


When you purchase Mother of the Bride Speeches: Words of Love, you get much more than simply the one book (though goodness knows, that’s more than enough to fulfil any Mother of the Bride’s speech writing needs!)

Additionally, you get a tantalizing array of bonus books:

  • Bridal Showers to Remember : another downloadable book jammed packed with fantastic ideas for throwing an original and unforgettable bridal shower
  • The Bachelorette Party : yet another instantly -downloadable book, this one’s dedicated to the hen’s night: themes, cocktails, pranks, and harmless practical jokes to make sure your daughter’s hen’s night is outrageously funny and one-of-a-kind
  • Unstoppable Confidence : recorded by a professional hypnotherapist, this audio recording is guaranteed to dissolve away even the most relentless pre-speech nerves and supercharge your confidence levels through the roof. Simply slide on your headphones, sit back, relax and feel your jitters melt away.


Another thing that I simply couldn’t help mentioning: a private, free email consultation with Dan Stevens himself.

Should you still have any questions after studying Dan's book, all you need to do is send hime an email and you'll get a full, personal reply by return that’s unique to your query.


On the whole, this is very impressive. This truly is an all-out package: everything you could need to give a professional-style Mother of the Bride wedding speech (while managing to have some fun in the processes – something most individuals don’t usually equate with speaking in public!)